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Natural Tanning Spray

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Natural Tanning Spray


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You can apply MARC INBANE® natural tanning spray easily yourself to give a healthy, even tanned skin. The product is enriched with vegetable-based, pure, nourishing ingredients, including Aloe Vera and Ginkgo. The fast-drying natural tanning spray has been developed for safe, frequent use and leaves no marks or streaks.

MARC INBANE® natural tanning spray is used daily by hairdressers, skin specialists and beauticians.


• Healthy, safe and natural tanning spray
• Easy to apply yourself
• Dries quickly, without streaks
• Holiday tan for up to 5 days
• Suitable for all skin types and for the whole body
• One bottle is enough for up to 60 applications for the face and neck
• Gives a pure and even result, so no carrot effect
• Natural, nourishing ingredients, including Aloe Vera and Ginkgo
• No harmful UV rays from the sun or sunbed
• Meets the EU regulations for cosmetic products
• Dermatologically tested


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